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It all started when I took a leave of absence from my corporate job to care for my father, who has Alzheimer’s Dementia.

I’d built businesses before

It wasn’t really that I had extra time on my hands by not working my corporate job. It was more that I desperately needed a distraction from my new role as 24/7 caregiver. I needed something to get my mind away from the mental meltdown that comes when you become the parent of your parent.

Me and Dad on his 79th birthday
Me and Dad on his 79th birthday

Anyone that’s dealt with any form of dementia will understand.

I immediately turned my head toward entrepreneurship. I mean, I’d built businesses before. I’d been a full-time writer before. I’d even coached before!

Over the last several years, I maintained a pretty sweet side-hustle-double-life writing resumes and coaching interview strategy for financial management types at night while also masquerading as a cubicle superhero during the day.

But I was on a whole different planet once I moved my Dad in with me.

That first year was a complete wash

A different planet with no day job for backup and a bank account that was feeling the unexpected pressure of supporting not only myself but a loved one who had a boatload of medical and adaptive living needs.

I’ll be honest with you, that first year was pretty much a complete wash.

I was exploring lots of opportunities for making money online…from Amazon FBA to dropshipping to authority site building and blogging about everything under the sun. I was unfocused, I was tired, and if I am honest, I really didn’t have my head in the game. I was still reeling from having my life unexpectedly go off the rails when I moved my Dad in.

My new reality had serious limitations

I had limitations on what I could do because I couldn’t just leave the house whenever I wanted to anymore. And honestly, Dad was not on his “best behavior” with any of the caregiver/sitter types that I brought in.

He’s stubborn. He’s ex-military. He’s old-fashioned and he still has his pride. I’d like him to keep all that for as long as possible, but I still need to go to the dentist and get groceries! I am not afraid to admit, it was rough water there for a while (and still is).

Some nights I didn’t sleep. Actually, many nights I didn’t sleep. And not always because of Dad. Sometimes it was just the stress and the fact that the stress lessened when he was tucked safely in bed and I was awake…and in a way, free. I bet all the parents feel me on this! 😉

Not a great situation, but it was…and is…my reality. I needed to learn how to cope and I needed to pick a direction.

Boss writing brings home the bacon

After much hemming and hawing, I settled on writing. It was the one thing, truly, that I’ve always been good at.

Earned Digital Marketer's Direct Response Copywriting Specialist Certification 2017
Earned Digital Marketer’s Direct Response Copywriting Specialist Certification 2017

And I know that I am a good writer deep in my bones.

I don’t wrestle with Imposter Syndrome when it comes to writing. Nuh uh. I am boss. And you need that belief when you’re about to put yourself out there and find or create work. Build a business. Make the bacon. Actually, ask people to freakin’ pay you cash-money!

I am a girl who likes a challenge

I decided on copywriting.

Most of my previous experience had been with content creation; you know, articles, blog posts, informative pieces, even reporting to some degree. But after all the time I’d spent getting to know the online business community, I’d become intrigued with direct-response copy. With email sequences and funnels. #funnellove

It was a challenge to see how someone was going to try and get me to buy something or to sign up for something. I wanted to see if I could do that too. I wanted to see if I could do it better.

Game on.

Writing for real people, not target audiences

I am so not about the sleazy though. I don’t ever want to write a steaming pile of advertising bs. I don’t want to use the phrase, “but wait, there’s more!”


I think there’s room for an honest and genuine form of direct-response copy. One whose goal is to create a connection with the audience, with each person as an individual. Copy that is clean and clear and unmistakable in its message. Minimalist in its deployment.

I think people…potential leads, prospects, clients, and customers…people, are over the hype and hyperbole of online marketing.

They want to be spoken to directly and plainly. They want to feel that they’re part of a conversation. And most importantly, I believe they are eager to respond to, purchase from, and engage with that type of voice and message.

This is what I do. This is what I can do for you.

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Do you only write for Coaches & Course Creators?


I do have a real affinity for the work that Coaches and Course Creators do. And I love helping them get crystal clear on their message and the value they deliver. That value tends to get blurred by all the typical marketing hype and admittedly, the sometimes “woo-woo” language of coaching.

Hey! I’ve got nothing against “Woo-Woo!”

I am at least a quarter Woo myself (on my mother’s side 😉 )

What I really relish doing for Coaches and Course Creators is streamlining their copy – whether it’s their website or their sales page – so that any traffic they drive there sticks around. I create velcro words and messages. And I want that traffic to convert for my clients. Because their message is relatable and understandable. And it inspires people to respond to the Call To Action or Offer.

But if you’re not a Coach or Course Creator, don’t despair.

What I do is completely transferable to consultants and service providers. If what you need is message refinement or creation, or an overall decluttering of your existing online copy, then I think we should talk.

Because you’re leaving money on the table if your copy isn’t compelling your people to take action or engage.

And in some cases, your unclear, hodgepodge message may even be repelling potential fans, followers, and paying clients. That needs to stop ASAP!

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This is what I do. This is what I can do for you.

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Why call yourself “Tribe Copy?”

Would you believe me if I told you I’d actually wanted to call it Half-Assed Creative? 😀

When I first started Tribe Copy it was called Halfway Creative and I was building simple WordPress websites for online entrepreneurs using the Genesis Framework. I only used existing themes to create an exact replica of the demo site a client had fallen in love with but couldn’t seem to recreate themselves.

So while it was creative, it was based on someone else’s template. Hence the halfway part. Or half-assed…

Also, while I knew how to code HTML from my days as a “webmaster” in the stone ages of the internet, I had ZERO interest in learning CSS, PHP, or any new-fangled web design language that most working designers and developers used. I just wanted to help normal people get over that “I am still building my website” hump and get their site up and running. And not looking like a 3-year old put it together.

When the time came that I shifted over to just copywriting, I kept the name Halfway Creative, but it didn’t quite fit. It wasn’t until I really settled in and developed my own particular style of copywriting that a name change was needed. My style and approach to copy are focused not only on making sales and boosting opt-ins but on building relationships with your audience or ideal client – which many people call their “tribe.” This was the point when I moved forward with the name change to Tribe Copy.

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