​​​​Copy In A Day

Who’s this for?

Copy In A Day is a great option for clients who need a variety of work done – or done quickly! 

Activities may include writing, researching, editing, content creation, collaboration, project management, strategy building, testimonial gathering or interviews, and more.

This is also an economical option for rewriting, reworking, or optimizing existing copy.

A Discovery Call is required in order to evaluate the project request and book a day rate. Copy In A Day availability is limited.

What you’re getting

You get me, exclusively, working on your copy for the day.

Whatever we can create and accomplish during that time is what you walk away with. There are no revisions or rewrites outside of the time booked. This type of offer is often referred to as a “Day Rate.”

Depending on what we’ve planned during our Kickoff Meeting, I may be creating an email nurture sequence or a landing page and lead magnet warm-up sequence. I may be optimizing your entire website copy or rewriting a poorly performing sales page.

It all depends on the scope of work that’s been requested, the clarity of your offer, the research needed, and the time we spend planning or connecting during the day.

FAQ: A long-form sales page from scratch will most likely not be possible during a single day, but a solid rewrite of an existing one is typically an achievable project.

What does a day look like?

Once we’ve had our Discovery Call and I’ve determined that your project is a right fit, you’ll book and pay for the day that works best for you.

I’ll send you a form called a brief that you’ll need to complete. This is a detailed explanation of exactly what you’d like me to focus on during your day. 

Sample First Day

10:00 AM EST The Kickoff Meeting: We connect via Conference Call or Phone to review the brief, make sure outstanding questions are resolved, and we’re both crystal clear on expectations. NOTE: Kickoff Meetings can be scheduled before your paid day.

11:00 AM EST I get writing!

If I have questions during the day, I may reach out. It’s not necessary for you to be available for the whole time.

1:00 PM EST I take a 1-hour break (you can too! 🙂 )

2:00 PM EST I get back to work!

6:00 PM EST I stop writing for the day, format and upload the output into a shared folder for your immediate access. You’ll receive an email from me letting you know that all your copy is ready, where to access everything, and what to do if you have issues or questions. 

Kick off Meetings are mandatory but are NOT part of the writing time. Additional meetings and check-ins are optional. You can request as many meetings or check-ins as you like during the day, but they do take away from writing time, so plan wisely. Start and work times are flexible and I can accommodate both East and West Coast time zones as well as some international ones.

Any breaks that I take are NOT part of your time. Half days may be available and should be discussed during your Discovery Call.

What’s your investment?

  • Day Rate (6 hours total) â€“ $1250.00

Book your  FREE 20-minute Discovery Call  below to see if  Copy In A Day  is the right choice for you. 

Psst! Wondering why I don’t work an 8-hour single day like all the rest of the hard-working people on this planet?

The ability to write high-quality copy in one single day has a limit. And for me, that limit is about 6 hours. 

If you need more of my time, let’s talk about putting together a custom package of days or if your need is on-going, custom retainers are a cost-effective option.


General FAQs

*All prices are quoted in US Dollars*

All Audits/Intensives/Consulting/Day Rates/Ads are paid in advance and are non-refundable. This non-negotiable.

Complete payment terms will be outlined in your agreement. The above statements are general guidelines. Prices shown here are subject to change without notice.

 Got questions? Get answers!

Not sure what service is right for you? Need a custom service or quote? Schedule a CHAT WITH KAREN and we’ll explore the most valuable options for your project and your budget.

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