​​​​Power Hour

The hardest working 60 minutes that money can buy

Book your Power Hour today and see how much we can accomplish in 60 minutes!

What can we accomplish in an hour?

A whole heckuvalot!

We can explore copy and content strategy, messaging and Voice of Customer, offer creation, ideation, brainstorming, review existing copy, or just pick my copywriting, marketing, business, or Real Housewives of New York brain…

I will happily suggest changes and tweaks, opportunities for stronger wording, better layout, and much more!

Who’s this for?

  • You have an existing piece of copy that’s mostly fleshed out and you’re looking to get some experienced and trained eyes on it
  • You need help getting clear on your client avatar’s voice or target market pain points
  • You want to hash out some actionable plans or discuss best practices and strategies to drive your messaging or business
  • You’re stumped on how to use your existing content as conversion copy
  • You need an independent and objective point of view or honest, no holds barred feedback
  • You want help improving the performance and resonance of your own copy
  • Hiring a copywriter to Do-It-For-You would be unkind to your budget at this time
  • You are stumped as to why your program, course, or service isn’t selling as you expected

Miriam Illions 2019 - www.Hometalk.com“Karen’s power hour is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Don’t spend hours driving in circles (and maybe in the wrong direction!) in order to reach your destination, ESPECIALLY if you’re doing something for the first time. Karen knows where you’re trying to go and can tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get there. “

– Miriam Illions, CMO/Co-founder, Hometalk.com

What I’ve helped clients with during a Power Hour

  • Polish up and optimize a long-form sales page
  • Tighten up and re-organize new client onboarding email sequence
  • Plan out an entire year’s worth of authority-building blog content
  • Review and suggest improvements for product/program/course launch
  • Review and plan out months worth of social media content using repurposed client copy
  • Brainstorm program and course names – with smashing taglines
  • Hammer out crystal clear Unique Value Proposition or Selling Points
  • Tighten up elevator pitches and About Page content to boost conversions
  • Brainstorm and plan out Attraction Marketing strategy for Facebook and Pinterest – great for bootstrap marketers!
  • Fine tune offers and increase specificity and benefit-driven bullet points
  • Guide client through web copy overhaul using front-loaded value layout approach
  • Edit and finely focus landing and opt-in pages and mini-funnels
  • Plan out content and format of a monthly newsletter with sales objectives
  • Strategized niche planning with consideration toward targeting markets with funds to spend on services
  • Assisted client in real-time Voice of Customer research and provided guidance on continued study”

“I am someone who likes to write my own copy but I also know that I can benefit from some help. Karen takes what Nicole Calloway Rankinsyou have and helps you take it to the next level. So you still feel like the information is in your own voice. She helps you present your voice in the most effective way possible. She gives extremely helpful, detailed, and specific suggestions.”

– Dr. Nicole C Rankins, founder NCRCoaching.com

What this session is not

This is not a writing session. I will not be rewriting your existing copy or writing new content for you. We can certainly work on existing copy together during your call.

I will suggest changes to style, wording, tone, format, and I will suggest new ways and techniques that will allow YOU to execute your own effective rewrite – which you can certainly begin under my guidance during our Power Hour time.

If you’re looking for Done-For-You original copy, or if you’d like me to rewrite your existing copy, check out my Copy in a Day option.

The sky’s really the limit with the Power Hour. Don’t wait and book your hour today

PS. Talking Real Housewives of New York is always on the house! 😉

Power Hour – $265

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